Telegram bot @pokerbot

Play Texas Holdem Poker with random Telegram users and your friends!

Command list

/start - main menu
/new - start playing
/private - create private table
/call - make turn "call"
/check - make turn "check"
/raise - make turn "raise"
/fold - make turn "fold"
/allin - make turn "all-in"
/leave - leave the table
/combos - short list of combinations
/combinations - list of combinations with descriptions
/bonus - get regular bonus
/bonus_remind - remind about next bonus availability
/me - your statistic information
/balance - your chips balance
/referral_message - generate unique code to invite friends and get extra chips
/hints_on - show hints in game
/hints_off - turn off hints in game
/nick - change your nickname
/smiles - show list of popular smiles
/top - show best players
/timer - change timer setting
/feedback - leave feedback for developers
/lang - change language
/rules - poker rules
/about - about bot
/settings - settings
/help - help
/stop - stop chat with the bot
/unsubscribe - disable notifications
/donate - donate some money for chips
/inline - information about using bot in inline-mode
/help_translate - how to translate the bot?
/tutorial - start tutorial
/tutorial_skip - skip tutorial
/tos - terms of service
/contributors - project contributors
/en - change language to english
/ru - сменить язык на русский
/it - cambia la lingua in italiano
/fa - تغییر زبان به فارسى
/persian - تغییر زبان به فارسى
/es - cambiar idioma a español
/de - change language to spanish
/german - die sprache auf deutsch wechseln
/pt - trocar idioma para português
/ar - تغيير اللغة إلى arabic
/zh - 更换语言中文
/chinese - 更换语言中文
/he - שנה שפה ל עִבְרִית
/ko - change language to korean
/uz - change language to uzbek
/fr - change language to french
/uk - змінити мову на українську